A Mosque’s History is Recorded

August 15, 2008

Mustafa Ally a wellknown personality in the Brisbane Muslim Community is launching his book 100 Years of History: The Holland Park Mosque 1908-2008 on 30th August at the 100th Anniversary Celebrations of the Holland Park Mosque.

by Rehana Bibi

The idea of compiling a history of the Mosque came from the 100- Year Holland Park Celebration Committee and it was decided that Mr. Ally would be entrusted with the task of writing the story.

Mustafa Ally lectures in the School of Information Systems in the Faculty of Business at
the University of Southern Queensland. Currently Mr. Ally is the President of Crescents of
Brisbane, the Editor-in-Chief of the weekly e-Newsletter, Crescents Community News (CCN), and the organisation’s webmaster.

The book records the proud 100-year history of the Holland Park Mosque and tells the story of the development of the Mosque from 1908, when it was first established as “The Mohammedan Mosque,” through to 2008.

Mr Ally said that the book is there to document the development of the Holland Park Mosque and the people who played a part in making it such an important part of the Muslim community of Queensland.

“The book will resonate with every Queenslander, every Muslim and everyone who has an interest in the part Muslims have played in the State,” he said.

Information and research for the book was done through newspaper articles, archived material and photo albums. Interviews were also conducted with individuals such as the 90 year old Sami Osman who lives in a retirement village and the 80-year old grandson of one of the founding fathers of the Mosque.

Mr Ally said that readers will learn of the role the Mosque played in ensuring that Islam flourished in a Christian dominated country through the lives of the many interesting personalities The book is a compendium of photographs, anecdotes and facts spanning the centenary.

It was compiled in the two months, but having seen the initial reviews on the book Mr Ally is pleased that it does justice to the history of the mosque.

As many as 1000 copies will be available in the first run, however the hard copies will be in a limited number.


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